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Upcoming Webinars

We invite you to be part of the conversation!

You are critical to the future of the EMS community, and we invite you to learn about equity, diversity, access and inclusion from leading experts in the field. Make a difference in EMS and join us for our upcoming events.


What: Join Dr. Mohamed Hagahmed for a webinar on intersectionality and cultural humility as he reflects on his experience as an African immigrant and recent interactions with Hispanic immigrants, and the challenges that patients who are not fluent in English face when accessing prehospital care.

Who: Dr. Mohamed Hagahmed is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is Also the UPP Director of Diversity, Recruitment and Relations and the Associate Medical Director for Emergency Medicine. Dr. Hagahmed is also an EMS Medical Director with UPMC Prehospital Services and Medical Rescue Team South Authority.

Date: March 29, 2023

Time: 1pm EST

Duration: 1 hour

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